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CoRDS Registry

Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia has partnered with Sanford Coordination of Rare Diseases (CoRDS) Registry.

This is an international and Central registry of individuals of any age who have been diagnosed with a rare disease. It was primarily developed to meet an unmet need for patient registries worldwide.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with KD, you can help researchers see the whole picture.

To enrol in the CoRDS registry, or for more information, visit www.sanfordresearch.org/cords

Penicard Family

Written by Kathleen

Weeks before Travis was diagnosed with K.D he was not well. He had high fever, red lips, tongue, & a rash on the trunk of his body. We went to our local Doctor who had no idea of what was occurring with Travis, so he referred us to our local Hospital. At the Hospital they were also unsure of what was happening with Travis, so we were sent home.

Due to Travis only being fifteen months old, he was not able to talk to us. He had a high fever, plus continual crying, was not sleeping and was not eating. This didn't feel right! Back to the Dr. and the hospital and we were sent home once again.

That night after Travis had his bath, while being dried wrapped in his towel, his skin started to peel off his feet & fingers plus his nails were curled-up. Once again back to the hospital and we stayed until we had some reasonable answers as to what was happening to our son. I knew in my heart that Travis was far from being well. After some hours a pediatrician diagnosed Travis as having K.D, and Travis was immediately transferred to the R.C.H.

Before and after the diagnosis our life felt like it had turned up-side-down. This was in 1988 and at that time we were not given any information due to the fact there wasn't any available. Treatment was an ultrasound on the heart and aspirin.

After a few days we returned home, but we needed to continue follow-ups each day, due to the fact Travis developed more symptoms, i.e. Rash, high fever, red lips & tongue, swelling & peeling of the hands & feet, loss of hair ,finger nails and toe nails plus swollen glands (side affects for Travis was bruising hemorrhaging from the aspirin). This continued until the age of five. At that time we decided to move to the country and introduced alternative therapy as well as the medical treatment.

Kathleen / Lee / Travis / and Brother Sean.

Trav 2004                          Trav 22mths and Sean 2 days