CoRDS Registry

Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia has partnered with Sanford Coordination of Rare Diseases (CoRDS) Registry.

This is an international and Central registry of individuals of any age who have been diagnosed with a rare disease. It was primarily developed to meet an unmet need for patient registries worldwide.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with KD, you can help researchers see the whole picture.

To enrol in the CoRDS registry, or for more information, visit www.sanfordresearch.org/cords

KD Foundation


This site has been set up for the purpose of creating a support network and information exchange for families in Australia who have been affected by Kawasaki Disease.

Feel free to contact us for a chat, more information or just to let us know how you have been affected by K.D. This will enable us to gather more information about the incidence rate here in Australia and the long-term effects it has on your family emotionally as well as medically.

For more information on the disease itself check out our information, FAQ, resources and links pages. Please remember information on this website is provided as a general resource and should not be used as a diagnostic or treatment tool. 

Latest KD News

Fundraising Opportunities 
We are now registered with Go Fundraise which allows out supporters an increased range of options to fundraise.
These can be direct donations or in the form of:
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fundraising pages where funds raised directly benefit the Foundation.
For further details click on to our page here http://www.gofundraise.com.au/beneficiary/KawasakiDiseaseFoundation


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KD Information Sessions


Another very successful information session was held at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne in October, 2015. Our first session was held there in 2010.

Presenters included Dr. David Burgner (our Medical advisor), Dr. Nigel Curtis (paediatrician), Dr. Bryn Jones (cardiologist) and Dr. Katherine Chen.

Parent volunteers shared their stories and a Question and Answer session proved very valuable for those in attendance.


A Sydney session was also held in September, 2012 and has been followed by a visit to N.S.W by the National Coordinators. Get togethers were organised for KD families at Newcastle, Gosford and Sydney.

Click here to view photos.


We have parents in each of these areas willing to meet, email or talk with other KD families and maybe a local catch up can be organised. Please email us if you are interested and we'll pass on your details.


Latest Research Study

Dr Burgner and Dr Chen attended the 11th International Kawasaki Disease Symposium  (Feb 2015) where a poster presentation of their latest research study was presented. This study is still ongoing - click here to read a summary of the findings that were presented. The poster can be viewed by clicking here.



Latest published article in Australia

Dr David Burgner and Dr Katherine Chen discussing their latest research study.


Dr. Burgner, and Dr. Michael Cheung conducted a study in conjunction with the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (W.A). looking at the incidence of Kawasaki Disease. Their results found the number of cases is on the rise and over the last 30 years has increased markedly and was also three times higher than previously thought.

The study has just been published in the leading child health journal Pediatrics. To read this study click here: Study Paper


Our medical advisor Dr. Burgner, who is based at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Dr. Michael Cheung, who is Director of Cardiology at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, has also had an article on Kawasaki Disease in the Australian Family Physician which is published by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

This article stresses the importance of prompt recognition and early referral. It is very easy to read and an excellent resource for any medical professionals. To read this article - click here.


Dr Burgner has also just had a paper on Kawasaki Disease published in the British Medical Journal. Found here


The KD Foundation Co-ordinators recently addressed the Maternal Health Nurses at the Geelong Regional meeting. We presented them with an awareness package including a copy of this article.

To see a photo of this presentation - click here.

KD Foundation is now on Facebook. 'Like and share our page'.


Children's Support Group - KD-Kidz' Corner Closed Facebook Page

KD Canada has set up a support group for KD children worldwide. As parents we do the best we can to help our children deal with life with KD but as they grow older they have their own issues to face, for example - health issues, medical appointments, on going health issues, medication concerns.


For more information

http://www.kdcanada.ca/ or



Run/Walk to support us

For the last few years we have had supporters compete in the Sydney Marathon as part of the Blackmores running festival and the Melbourne Marathon.
We would like to thank them for their efforts and to the many people who donated on their behalf to support our work.


Registrations are now open for this year.


Sunday Mail City to Bay Fun Run - South Australia

Sunday 18th Sept. 2016 12km, 6km and 3km running and walking events. Visit http://www.city-bay.org.au for details.



Dr. Burgner and his son have competed in the annual Melbourne "City to Sea" run. This year this event will be held on Sunday 20th November.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from our KD families and friends nearly $600 was raised for the Foundation.


The Blackmore Sydney Running Festival will be held on September 18th 2016.

Registrations are now open and if you 'run for a cause' you can run for free. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting us.


Melbourne Marathon - 16th October 2016

Join thousands of runners and walkers on Sunday 16th October to take part in Melbourne's premier event: 2014 was a huge success so why not get a team together, get involved and help raise even more. We can assist with creating a team page.

Visit Melbourne Marathon site here for event details.

Click here for photos of the Melbourne Marathon and Quinn who had KD recently. He was the inspiration for his mum competing in her first marathon.

There are also a number of other runs/walks in different states that you may wish to take part in. Please contact us for assistance in organising a fundraising page.


Very Exciting News

In the U.S on the 28th March, Grey's Anatomy (Medical T.V Show) featured a story "that's near and dear to many of us - the story of a mother's intuition and a child's fight for life before he was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.
The episode starred actress and KD parent Sarah Chalke, as she relived one of the worst nightmares parents can go through - fighting for a correct diagnoses for her sick child". (from U.S Foundation Website)
The little boy who played the role of Sarah's son on the show has also had KD.


Although it was only a minor story line it was a wonderful opportunity for the U.S Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds. Sarah has since been on several talk shows talking about KD.


The ABC program Catalyst on ABC1 in Melbourne ran a story on Kawasaki Disease on the 17th May 2012. This is the first time an extended program segment about KD has been shown on Australian television.
You can watch this story plus view extended interviews by clicking on the following link - Click here


Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day
January 26th 2011 was the first National Kawasaki Awareness Day. This is now an annual event in the U.S Read full information here...
In 2015 the U.S Foundation posted on their FaceBook page 26 Facts about KD leading up to the 26th January. These included photos of symptoms. These can be viewed on our KD Awareness Day Facts page.


Radio Interview by Dr. David Burgner (Aust)

A radio interview by our medical advisor Dr. David Burgner was aired by the ABC in 2016 and coincided with KD Awareness Day. This was heard by some of the KD community overseas.
You can access this interview by visiting our links page.